How to crochet a straight edge when using the Dc stitch (UK Treble)


Crochet is easy and great fun when you know how! There are bound to be moments when you need a little help. Here is where i can help you out and answer some of the most common problems in crochet!


A question i have been asked many times is – 


When using the Dc stitch (UK Treble) the edges of my project are holey and uneven, where am i going wrong? 




There could be several things that you are unknowingly doing wrong, no need to fret as even i do things wrong with many years experience under my belt, in crochet we are constantly learning day by day! 

You may be miss counting, inserting your hook into the wrong stitch at the beginning of a row or in the wrong part of the turning chain at the end of the row. 

Miscounting Stitches

This is a very common mistake and can cause uneven edges, but it can be avoided if you work a small practice swatch first and concentrate on the placement of the stitches and counting them. Try practicing this – chain 21, crochet a Dc into the 3rd chain from your hook, now continue to crochet a Dc into each chain that you have left. You will have 19 Dc stitches and your 2 chains, these are also counted as 1 stitch, meaning you have 20 stitches in total for this row. For the second row you now need to turn your work and chain 2, do not crochet into the first stitch of this row, skip this stitch and Dc into the second stitch. Dc into the remaining stitches in this row including the top chain at the end. You will again have 19 Dc stitches and a chain stitch, meaning 20 in total. Repeat the instructions for row two until you are happy that you can count each stitch confidently and that your work is even. If you wish, carry on repeating this row and make yourself a Dc scarf!

Your practice swatch should look like this after around 11 or 12 rows –


I hope this helped you in some way, please if you have any questions just ask! i am always here to help you!