Free Crochet Pattern for the Winter Warm Set – A beautiful Cowl, Mittens and Ear Warmer set


Free Crochet Pattern and Photos for the 

Winter Warm Set

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This pattern is one size fits most. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and making this pattern and hope you enjoy making it just as much as me!

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What you will need

– 200g of Chunky (5, Bulky) yarn. (I used Sirdar Click chunky, shade 0158 200g, 300m)

– Size 5.5mm and 6mm crochet hooks.

– Sewing needle.

– scissors.



Ch – Chain

Sc – Single Crochet

Slst – Slip stitch

BLO – Back loop only

Pattern – Cowl

Using your 6mm hook

Ch 100, join to the first ch st with a Slst to form a circle.  Make sure there are no twists!

Round 1: ch 1, SC around. Join to the first SC of the round with a Slst. (100)

Round 2: ch 1, *SC, ch 1, skip 1, repeat from * around.  Join to the first SC of the round with a Slst (100).

Round 3: ch 2, skip 1, SC in ch space from previous round, *ch 1, skip 1, SC in the ch space from the previous round, repeat from * around.  Join with a Slst to the 2nd ch from the starting ch 2. (100)

Round 4-29: Continue repeating Round 2 (on even rounds) and Round 3 (on odd rounds).

Round 30: ch 1, SC around working SC sts into the ch space and SC stitches from the previous round. Attach to the first SC of the round with a Slst (100).

Cut yarn, secure and weave in ends.


Pattern – Mittens

Starting with you 5.5mm hook

Ch 8
Row 1 – Sc in 2nd from hook and next 6. (7)
Row 2 – Turn, ch1, in blo sc in the next 7 Sts. (7)
Repeat row 2 until you have a total of 22 rows in total.
Sl St to join round and complete the cuff.
Change to 6mm hook.
Ch 1, Sc 22 evenly around. Join with sl St to first sc.
Row 2 – Ch 1, *Sc in the next 10 Sts, 2 sc in next*, repeat *to* join with sl St to first sc.
Row 3- Ch 1, Sc in each around – (24)
Repeat row 3 until you have 9 sc rows in total from the rib.
Row 10- Ch1, sc in next st, ch1, Skip 5 sts, sc in next 18 Sts.
Row 11- Ch 1, Sc in each st around including ch1, join with sl St to first sc. (20)
Rows 12 to 16 – Ch 1 sc in next 20 Sts, Slst to first sc of row to join.
Cut yarn, secure and weave in ends.
Pattern – Ear Warmer
Using your 6mm hook
Ch 11
Row 1 – Sc in second ch from hook, and next 9. (10)
Row 2 – Ch 1, (in back loops only) Sc in next 10 sts across.
Row 3 – 50 Repeat row 2.
Join edged with Slst to complete the band.
Cut yarn, secure and fasten off.

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